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Group info and rules~

This is a fan club for the talented Nico singers [ニコ歌い手] of Nico Nico Douga!

:star: Who are Nico singers? :star:

Nico singers are a group of amateur singers on Nico Nico Douga (Japanese video-streaming site, like Youtube) who post up fandubs/covers of songs (they mostly sing anime/game/Vocaloid songs) and are REALLY good at what they do =D

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:bulletred: How to join? :bulletred:
Just click “join our group” above and give us time to approve~ (you will receive a message when that happens). Feel free to join/watch us whether you are a Nico singer fan or just want to see some awesome art =D

*Help us promote the group! Display the group icon on your DA page or a link to it on your signature! ^^

:bulletred: Submission rules: :bulletred:
- Must be related to Nico singers.
- Submissions can be anything (art/cosplay/etc) but MUST be original/ made by you. Don’t repost from pixiv or other websites as your own! (that’s called art theft, yo)
- We accept both new works and old/ existing works!
- For now we do not limit the number of submissions per person, but please give us time to accept the submissions.
- Don’t worry about submitting to gallery folders. We showcase all works in Featured, so you can go ahead and submit there. After that, you can check the specific gallery folders to see if we have categorized it correctly ^^
- This is just a suggestion: it would be nice if you could include related links in your descriptions, such as the Nico singer’s mylist or NND/YT link of the song you’re fanarting, so that it’s easier for others who want to view it ^^ You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, though =)
- Write Utaite's name on your art's title or description, please. we can't move them to the right folder. If you didn't write the Utaite name, we won't accept them.

**update 28/5/12
- Don't accept the Utaite picture that printscreen from live, video, PV or scan for magazine.
- We don't accept original character form Vocaloid PV such as Kagerou project, Ame no Jaku etc. because they didn't related to Utaite.
*If It's from original PV that made for Utaite like Rahwia & Senka PV is okay :)

:bulletred: Suggest a fave? :bulletred:
Feel free to suggest a fave! Unless if it’s completely unrelated to Nico singers, we will most likely approve it ^^

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Simply click "Affiliate" on your group home page, type "nico-utaite", click "Check", then click "Request affiliate"~ We affiliate with anyone and welcome any inter-group events! ^^

Rules and info will be updated from time to time~
Just drop us a note if you have any questions and we will get back to you ASAP!
You might be wondering why I suddenly bring this topic up. The thing is, an acquaintance of mine recently (yesterday, in fact) received a request from a Nico Utaite to delete his reprinted video from Youtube. And after a series of contacting the utaites and discussion, I've also started deleting some of my videos too.

What is reprinting?
Reprinting is the action of posting other people's work (which includes video, illustration, fanart, doujinshi, music, etc.) that you did not create by yourself to another website.

Most of the reprinted works are of (but not limited to) Japanese origin. Even some of my works have gotten reprinted, and many people kept on using them without knowing who the original creator was.

I'm somewhat tolerant to this kind of behaviour, but I can't say I'm happy.
Some people might think it's a good thing to have your work get reprinted because it means you're starting to get famous.

But let's look at it this way...

We (the creators) don't really gain anything at all, instead we are robbed of the number of views from our original site that we uploaded.

If you have ever visited a fanart reprinting website, you'll notice that everybody only cares about saving the pictures to their computer (and thanking the uploader). Not many people care about who the artist was. I got a feeling that those people could remember the reprinters' name but not the artists' name (except for the extremely famous artists).

Similiar to reprinting is translating.
As a person who also translates Japanese songs as a hobby, I kind of understand the point of view from both sides. I've also done the subbing my myself, so I understand the amount of work that is needed to do a sub, and how troublesome it is.

However, I've recently asked a Japanese utaite whom I've translated his song and uploaded a subtitled version to Youtube about how he felt when his work got translated and reprinted. He said "Even though you helped promoted my work through translation, the fact that you distributed my work without permission doesn't change". I was moved by his words and decided to write this article.

I would like all the translators to realize that we are not that significant.
We translate because we love the artists' work, however we must not do something that hurts the artists' feeling.
We might not do it out of malice, but it might not be the same for the other side.
Everybody is not the same, so we must not think in place of another person.

Try to think why we want to translate.
Do we want to spread the work of the artist? Or do we want to become famouse ourselves?

Translating and typesetting is a hard work,
but creating a piece of work is much marder.

I'm not writing this to tell everyone to stop translating and fansubbing, but I would like everyone to at least ask the artists for their permission first...

..and whether they are happy to see their work translated and distributed elsewhere or not...

(I you are able to read and translate Japanese songs. It wouldn't be that difficult to communicate with Japanese artists, wouldn't it? If you can't, then it might be a sign telling you to stop making translations and go study harder, or just leave it to someone who are better at the language.)

**This applies not only to utattemita songs but also Vocaloid songs. Please always ask for a permission from the artist first. Not so long ago, there was a case of a certain chorus group covering a certain Vocaloid-P's song outside Nico Nico douga, where the Vocaloid-P was very upset by the action and demanded immediete deletion of the video. I believe nobody wants to get mad by the people we respect, so let's don't create a reason for them to do so.


as everyone known, my English is poor but only this journal I asked my friend to help me. :D
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this is gr8
so happy
but i'll be sad if this group is/becomes inactive D: ))
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